No longer is just an excel download or PDF of results acceptable in the technology thirsty world.  It’s about the many different ways live results can be generated and provided to the community.  Here at blueChip our live results generation come in the following forms:

  • Live commentator display for the announcer calling out your name at the end of a leg or entering the finish chute;
  • Live to Web results where we push all the split and finish times to the web for instant viewing;
  • Live Tracker to your mobile phone, which is a web based App you can use to follow yourself and all your family and friends, or perhaps the noted race favourites to see how they went.  It will also auto-refresh all the race results in every category for your hand held viewing;
  • SMS results which combines free text with imported data fields and times, or perhaps even an important message pre/post event;
  • Results screens at the venue with live information to be accessed with your race number entered into a keypad;

Want to check out results from a race seasons ago where blueChip Timing provided the services?  Head to our web results page here ( and expand the event type and year to find the race.

Our SQL Server database enables you to search a number of ways through results.  Click on the links to get to the results you seek, then either search for your name or part of your name or your race number and find out how you performed in the field.  Click on your name and get your full results including split times and all rankings, or perhaps select your category to analyse the times.  You may even find the immediate link to your online certificate or photos from the event where available.

Excel results downloads can be found under the Search tab for each race.

Our Web Results service includes the following:

  • Loading your event logo onto the site for branding;
  • Direct link from your event website to results;
  • Direct link from to your event website for an initial period;
  • Summary details page for each event which includes number of male and female finishers in each category, average times, fastest and slowest times in each category;
  • Searchable database on any information (part of a name, Race No, by category, gender etc);
  • Average pace (speed) included for all split times for all entrants (as long as we have the accurate distance for the split);
  • Excel file for competitors to download and analyse;
  • A Leader board which can show which entrants have passed through which timing points in which order, time etc;
  • Team results such as a team of 4 individuals all participating towards a total team time and ranking;
  • Enquiry emails direct to blueChip with our email address listed on the results site, saving client time;
  • Link to online certificate where offered, within the results site and personalised with any data information;
  • Link to event images by official photographers such as Marathon Photos for each competitor;


For enquiries please see Contact Us.