Our Services

blueChip provides professional services with event advice, online registration, sports timing and results and other related products to suit your needs.  We can cater for all sizes and durations of events on land and in water.  Don’t forget that all clients who utilise our timing services also receive free marketing exposure here.  This means a calendar listing, displaying in Upcoming events as well as Recent Results.  Events can choose to boost their impact by becoming a Featured Event.  At a glance here is a list of the services we offer with some further details below.

  UHF disposable or RFID system   Online Registration (see menu)   Inflatable arches
  Live timing and results   Race Bibs (design and production)   Timing clocks
  Live commentator system   Bike/Helmet stickers   Results screen (TV)
  Live mobile phone tracker   Race day registration support   Generator(s)
  Results to web   Process late entries on race day   Email
  Online certificates   Additional Timing Points   Photo service
  SMS results   Points score
UHF disposable or RFID system:

blueChip offers 2 solutions in electronic chip timing, the fully disposable  UHF (Ultra High Frequency) timing tag or the re-usable RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) timing chip.  Both systems offer super high density read rates.  The UHF timing tag presents the perfect solution to event registration, simply with a race bib or bike/helmet sticker to hand out with timing chips included.  No need to retrieve timing chips at the end of the event or follow up on any missing.

UHF fully disposable timing tags on a sheet…

We place these either on the back of your race bib or on the bike seat post sticker

Triathlete gives the thumbs up to blueChip…

The re-usable RFID timing chip placed around the left ankle so as to keep away from chain rings (the cyclist)

Live timing and results:

blueChip uses SQL server timing software developed within Australia to track the status of every competitor live.  This enables us to output many different protocols for the benefit of the competitor, family and friends and the event.  Here is a summary of what we can do:

  • Split times, positions, gun times, net times, finish times all recorded live with results calculations running in cycle at intervals we determine (for example every 20 seconds)
  • Any changes needed to be made to the database (the race file) are updated when we calculate the results in the next cycle
  • If we need to add in a late entry we can do so at any time, as the raw chip times are stored in one database and the competitor information is stored in another, linked by a common key
  • Presentation results can be generated at the click of a button, at any time the event organiser desires.  We custom create reports to suit the event, with standard report types being:
    • Top 5 male and female overall
    • Top 3 in each category
    • closest to nominated time (very popular in open water swimming)
    • team results (for example 4 competitors race as individuals with their combined times becoming the team time, with team rankings)
  • Live results capture and reporting means we send SMS results, provide screens for competitors, family and friends to check results on demand, push results to web, open online certificates, present a commentary display meaning the competitor gets to hear their name called out while racing, provide statistics on how many are where, inform the event on who is yet to finish, the list goes on.
Live commentator system:
No longer does the commentary team need to carry around endless sheets of paper with a start list sorted alphabetically, by race number or even their own special notes.blueChip provides all the information on screen on demand.  We can turn on and off certain information as well as display special comments, giving the commentary team more to talk about throughout the event.A number of screen options means the system can also display the current leaderboard by any given category, switch into search mode and provide full information on a competitor, scroll results and change between all connected timing points (splits).Standard reporting fields include:

  • Race number
  • Event/distance
  • Name
  • Race Time
  • Category
  • Overall Position
  • Category Position
  • Gender Position

For lapping events the system can update the Fastest Lap time as well as the last lap, while RaceTec will tell us the fastest lap, slowest lap and average lap times.

Atmosphere is crucial towards success and enjoyment, so while the music is playing and the race is on the commentators know they can stay on track with the live reporting from blueChip.

Live mobile phone tracker:
This is a web based app for your mobile phone.  blueChip provides the link to the event organiser to promote on their website.

Simply copy the URL into your browser on your smartphone, open it up prior to race day to search for people of interest to you and add them each into the tracker.  Then on race day have the browser open and let it auto refresh every 30 seconds to keep you up to date with all the results.

Not only is this product perfect for competitors to see how they performed on the day at the race venue, family and friends either at the event or anywhere in the world can dial in, search for those of interest and add into their tracker.

The app can either present a live updating tracker with multiple competitors listed, showing time of day they pass through any timing point and split time, as well as a results tab with an updating leaderboard in each category.

Click on a particular competitor in the results tab to bring up more results information.

Results to web:

Our web results site runs in the cloud on a virtual server here in Australia.  That means plenty of bandwidth and speed.

Results can be uploaded to a schedule to suit other sponsorships if required.  We generally upload results to the web immediately after entrants have finished and whilst at the Venue.  This service includes:

  • Uploading the event logo for branding
  • Direct links to the specific results for the event website
  • Summary details page for each event which includes number of male and female finishers in each category, average times, fastest times and slowest times overall and in each category;
  • Full race results including split times and placings, as well as Gun Time and Net Time results where a start mat is used
  • Searchable database on any information (part of a name, Race No, by category, gender etc)
  • Average pace (speed) included for all split times for all entrants (just make sure we know the exact leg distances)
  • Excel download for those who love to analyse the field
  • Any selection of Finish status can be uploaded such as Finished, DNF, DNS etc
  • A Leader board which can show which entrants have passed through which timing points in which order, time etc
  • Enquiries direct to blueChip with an email address listed on the web, saving event organiser time with responses
Online certificates:

Certificates are automated through blueChip’s web results service.  One designed certificate can service an entire race field, where we import the specific data needed.

Typical fields used in certificates include:

  • Event name
  • Competitor name
  • Finish time
  • Overall position
  • Category position

We can also import onto certificates all the team member names as well as any other field.  Go to www.blueChipResults.com.au and amongst the many event results you will find examples of certificates designed by the events and implemented by blueChip.

Bibs and Stickers:

We supply race bibs of differing styles and design.  You choose the colours, provide high resolution logos/event images, medical information listed on the back, tear off tags for Prize draws, luggage tags, luggage collection tags.

Our bike and helmet sticker combo is proving a hit with identification and supporting our UHF (Ultra High Frequency) disposable timing chip solution.  The 1 sticker sheet comes with a bike sticker (including 2 of our UHF disposable timing tags) and 3 helmet stickers, or as you see in the samples below, why not have a branding sticker for the event or instructions for the whole bike course route…

 Bike Sticker – Perth Great Bike Ride  Bike Sticker – Tour de Bintan, Indonesia
 Race Bib – HBF Run for a Reason 2011  Race Bib – Tadpole Triathlon Series 2011/12