Online Entry

blueChip Timing now provides you with a one stop shop for online registration and race timing and results making it simpler and smoother. Let us offer you a superior quality online registration system that will allow your event to be stress-free so you can focus on the event not the data entry.

We are all about data quality, simple validation, formatting of fields and easy management for event registrations. Our focus is not just on the transaction but on the quality of the data.

Like to view a demo?  See below for our sample site.

Website Features

  • A fully flexible site in terms of the questions asked, which fields are vital and which are optional. We tailor the site to your needs.
  • Your page can be customised with banners and backdrops as well as your sponsor logos.
  • Am I In? A start list can display on the opening information page to allow a participant to see if they have already entered.
  • Every entrant that registers in the event will receive a confirmation page to check their details before progressing to payment.
  • Entrants will receive two emails, one to confirm all entry details and one to provide a login (so they can return to the system and make a change if needed). This saves event administration time, phone calls and requests to correct details in the lead up to the event.

Payment Options

  • We can include merchandise sales and donations. Entrants can return at any point either to correct information, purchase more merchandise or add to their donations.
  • The system can handle team entries i.e. a company may choose to have employees enter with a code, then the employer (captain) can process the final registration payment.
  • Ability to enter multiple people (e.g. family) before paying.
  • You decide on the parameters of the system e.g. you can decide if a name change for an entry attracts an additional fee. If changing up event adds the difference in price. If changing down events is permitted without refund of the difference.
  • You can decide to create vouchers for use as discount to entry. An example might be you offer free entry to sponsors. You create the vouchers (or we can create these for you) and email the voucher codes to those you have chosen. Those who use the discount code at the payment stage will then receive the discounted amount. Another example would be advertising the first 100 entries to receive 10% off.

Data Entry

  • Test the system for yourself. Enter your valid email address and see the information emails arrive to your inbox once you have finished. Use our test credit card number to pay when testing the system
  • Our system is a superior online registration system that we can program to provide the data fields that you require. As an example take the estimated time a competitor states to complete the event. We have the data formatted correctly every time so no time is wasted correcting data files for use on race day.
  • We can download the file and import direct into the timing system.
  • We can set the system to automatically assign race numbers so you don’t have to.
  • We provide you with a login so you are able to make changes or manually add in entries.

Benefits to You

  • Our system is easy for both you and entrants to use.
  • Your login allows you to see at any time how the event is tracking. It gets better as you are in year 2+ as you can compare on any given day how your entries are now compared to past years.
  • We can create a demonstration version for you to sample and test for all your requirements.
  • With low fees and merchant rate on Visa and Mastercard we will save you money whilst still providing first class performance and service.

Take a look at a sample online registration event by clicking here.  If you are interested in testing it out contact us for more details, such as the test credit card number.

For more information please see our details in Contact Us.