FAQ – For the event organiser

What is blueChip Timing?

blueChip Timing is an event timing business established in 2005. We time over 70 sport races a year in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. We can provide both land and water timing as well as tracking.

Can you supply disposable timing chips for my race?

Yes. We can provide disposable Ultra High Frequency (UHF) timing chips for your race. You will need to provide us with your race bibs or stickers and we will apply the disposable timing chips. Or let us provide the whole package. We can provide the race bibs and/or stickers for your event.

Do you supply race bibs and/or stickers?

Yes. We can provide race bibs or stickers in any format, colour or size you like. All you need to do is provide us with the event and sponsor logos and your desired layout. Any number of colours, any number of logos, we create the design with your guidance.

Can you provide online registration?

Yes. We can take care of your event registration process online with blueChip Online Registration. We provide fully flexible form fields, validation rules, entrant login, merchandise sales, donations for charity and a fully automated, secure online payment system. You can even issue your own vouchers for discounts. You will be provided with an Organiser login with full reporting functions and ability to track event registration and compare with previous years entries. Our system enables a fast, efficient and easy online registration for your competitor with clean and accurate data for you.

Can certificates be automated online?

Yes. Each competitor in your event can download an event certificate with the specifications of your choosing. Provide us with a PDF certificate or we can assist with a design for you.

How long after a race has finished can you deliver results for presentations on the day?

As soon as you request them. Our system enables us to print results during the race and we can provide the top 3 in a category as soon as they have crossed the line. Let us know your presentation requirements for race day and we will deliver them.

Do you have any live tracking applications?

Yes. We have a system called Race Day that shows live results of competitors as they cross a timing point. The Race Day screen can be made available for a commentator or for spectators. We can also upload the Race Day information live to the web and onto our Tracker, enabling spectators to view a competitor’s progress on their web-enabled phone or for those with access to the web who are unable to make it to the event.

Can you do a points scoring system for our event?

Yes.  Whether a school cross country or a 6 race triathlon series, we can calculate a points score table to your specifications on demand.

Can you handle late entries on the day?

Yes. We can provide either a blueChip Timing operator to be located with your registration team on the day or alternatively, your registration team can provide to us details of late entries on late entry forms.

Can we send our entrants SMS messages on the day?

Yes. SMS’s can be tailored to your event or sponsor needs with a combination of free text and imported data fields. They can be sent during the race providing split times and upon completion of the race.

What other services can you provide other than timing?

We can provide an online registration service, see here (link to the OR page) for more details. We can provide timing clocks, start and finish inflatable arches, power generators, GPS trackers, photo, and a results display screen with keypad entry for race number enquires. We also can provide Results to web, online certificates, live tracker, SMS results and event information, a points score and email information to participants. Where required we can also provide assistance with event layout and race day schedule.

We made some mistakes with our registration. Can you help identify unknown competitor to us?

Using our system we can identify timing chips in a race that have not been allocated to a competitor as per the registration information. Where this occurs we can endeavour to isolate these competitors at the finish line to gather necessary entrant information.

Can you provide multiple timing splits?

Yes, we can provide as many timing points as you need and for as many laps as required. Let us know your requirements and we will deliver.

Can you help us promote our event?

Allow us to help promote your event on our event’s calender page. For events that use our online registration system, entrants can share their entry via social networking platform FaceBook.  We also promote your event on our Home Page for upcoming events as well as the option to make your event a Feature Event.