Dwellingup 100 MTB Classic

The Act-Belong-Commit Dwellingup 100 is WA’s Premier MTB Event!

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Date: Saturday 6th September 2014

Location: Dwellingup

Organiser: Tri Events WA

The Act-Belong-Commit Dwellingup 100 includes; 100km Classic, Dwellingup 40km, Forces Challenge and the D14km.

Participants can also register for the 4 Week Training Package or Reconnaissance Ride designed by the experienced crew at Rock ‘n’ Roll Mountain Biking.

We look forward to seeing you at the Act-Belong-Commit Dwellingup 100 on Saturday 6 September!

Registrations Close on Friday 5th September 2014

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Big News and Big Changes for the 2014 Event

The whole event is based in and out of the football oval in Dwellingup. There will be a festival atmosphere, trade stalls and entertainment for the kids around the oval during the day.

Our two main objectives after last year’s event were to reduce the on trail congestion and to increase the fun factor. Well, it’s taken a lot of sleepless nights, and a number of trips to Dwellingup, but we are confident we have nailed both objectives.

Once again, we won’t be giving you a course map until the Participant Information Booklet is released, but we can tell you that while the course is similar to last year, it is simply better for all riders. There is more single track and the whole course is improved and refined. We have gotten rid of the crappy bits and included more fun bits. We will be riding some parts in the opposite direction and you will certainly enjoy Turner Hill more than previous years.

The 100km Classic is still the premier event, but will actually be last to start this year. Don’t worry though as the Specialized 40km riders will be on a different course to start with.

The Specialized 40km riders will be treated to some previously unused and fantastic single track about 3.8kms into their event. This will make the start of the 40km race a frantic sprint to be first into the single track.

100km Classic riders will be doing the 60km loop first this year. This means you will be going into the Turner Hill single track with about 20kms in your legs, rather than 60kms as per previous years. Riders will also be quite spread out in the first 20kms as well as there is a fair amount of climbing in the new start route (read, a lot more), along with some great fire trail and single track.

The 100km Classic riders won’t see the Specialized 40km riders until at least the 33.5km mark, at which point the fast 100km riders will have to deal with some traffic until they get back into town with 64kms in their legs. We are expecting all of the riders to be well spread out by this point, so the riders should be “traffic” and not congestion as happened in 2013.

On the first lap the 100km Classic riders will go down “Satan’s Curse” while the 40km riders will be going down “Hells Gate”. The biggest advantage to this is that it creates more great passing opportunities for the 100km riders. It also mixes it up a little for the 100km riders as they will go down “Hells Gate” on their second lap.

100km Classic riders will then head back out of town to do a 38km loop to finish off their 102km epic journey including 1650-1700m of climbing.

Specialized 40km riders will also be treated to their own, clear and unobstructed finish for the first time in the events history. That is, in comparison to being blended in with the 100km riders in previous years.

The first of the Specialized 40km (41kms) riders will be due to finish in about 1hour 40mins to 1hour 45mins, that is back at the oval at about 10:20 to 10:25am.

The first of the 100km Classic (at 64kms) riders would be expected back at the oval in about 2 hours 30-40 minutes, so 11:20 to 11:30am.

The course contains all of the single track that we know of on the north side of town and the best bits of fire road that link it all together. The course is very labour intensive from a maintenance point of view, but is worth it when we see how much you guys enjoy riding it.

We will have 3 aid stations (feed zones) this year. The first will be near Satan’s Curse and Hells Gate. This will be at about 42kms for the 100km Classic riders on thier first lap. Then again when the riders are back at the oval, 64kms, then again when the riders get back to Hells Gate the second time round.

All in all a great course that will reduce congestion and be a lot of fun and very rewarding to ride at the same time.

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