MetaMan Bintan Long Distance Triathlon

Meta = ‘Beyond’.

Asia’s NEW iron distance triathlon is live!

At Singapore’s door step, tropical Bintan island provides all elements for an epic journey.

The world’s best by your side on the start line, a high quality and scenic course, jubilant spectators along the course, and an established organiser.

MetaMan stands for the courage to attempt and the conviction that if the mind is willing the body will follow.

Set your mind.
Your hero’s journey starts now!


With $60,000 US prizemoney and the 15th September 2012 event date only 1 week before the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix you have every reason to enter this event for a new Iron Distance Triathlon experience.

We’ve been dreaming years for this event to take place, so had plenty of time to brew up a unique course that features all the distinctive features that Bintan Island has to offer.

Swim Course

Nirwana Beach Club provides the tropical backdrop that a Long Distance Triathlon in Indonesia deserves. The serene white sand beach with waving palm trees will for one morning be disturbed by the MetaMan swim start spectacular. Enjoy the clear blue waters to find a good pair of feet to draft of.

The swim course turns right after 250m to start a 1.65km lap around a small peninsula; across a small beach landing on the way out and back through the open sea. Any currents on the day will benefit the swimmers in the open sea, as it always runs from East to West, and not bother them on their return, protected by the bay. After two laps the course takes a right turn back (250m) into the beach where it all started from.

For the MetaMan Half the lap will be reduced to 1.4km and completed once.

Bike Course

Bintan Island is a cycling haven. Good roads combined with varied terrain and scenery will keep everyone entertained throughout the bike phase. Enjoy the lush green jungle (watch out for monkeys!), the villagers cheering you, the vistas at the reservoir and coastal road and the picturesque golf course of Bintan Resorts. The hills make for an honest course that will separate the uber-cyclist from the rest.

The bike course consists of a 90km lap that needs to be completed twice for the full distance and once for the half distance.

The first 26km of the bike course takes a tour through Bintan Resorts. Except for a few small hills this part of the course is quite flat. Next is an 8km section of beautiful sweeping roads that involves quite a bit of climbing. After a right turn through the resort gates it is all rolling hills for the next 20km, until you hit a flat coastal road. Although there are a few relatively flat sections, this is the only really flat 10km of the course. The next 10km runs through the village of Sungei Kecil back to the resort gate and the hardest 8km of the course. The last 7 km towards the finish (or turnaround point) are a bit easier again, although you will remember that last little hill at Nirwana Gardens.

Aid stations every 20km.

Map and profile coming soon.

Run Course

Still fine-tuning it (watch this pace) but the four-lap run course guarantees a lot of support from the spectators. It will include the sculpted gardens of Nirwana Gardens, which provide some welcome shade for the early finishers. By 6pm the sun has set, so from then onwards athletes only have to worry about finishing.

Aid stations every 2km.

MetaMan Half participants complete two laps of the run course.


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