Privacy Policy

blueChip Timing Pty Ltd respects your privacy and is committed to the protection of your personal information. This Policy outlines our policy of managing the personal information provided to us.


Anything you enter on (the Website) is only available to blueChip Timing for the particular event you register for, unless blueChip Timing allows participant lists and/or results to be made public, in which case you will have been informed of this when you registered for the event.


However, please note that under clauses within the Terms & Conditions of our events, competitors consent to blueChip Timing:


  • allowing blueChip Timing to use their name, image, likeness and also their performance in the event, at any time, to promote the event or any future similar events by any form of media.
  • allowing blueChip Timing the use of their email address or mobile telephone number: for receiving electronic newsletter and short message services (SMSs) and promotional material from blueChip Timing or their authorised representatives prior to and after the event.




You will have noticed that we require you to use your username and password in order to login to our online registration services for events.  This is to prevent others from pretending to be you and registering using your name.




Like many sites, we use cookies in order to remember your email address and other details so that standard fields can be prefilled.  This is to save you time and effort when registering for an event. Cookies are little bits of information that are stored on your computer (not our server). Most current internet browser programs are set up by default to accept cookies, but you can turn them off if you prefer. Our site will still work well, but you will have more form-filling to do.


If you are using this site from a shared computer, and wish to clear these cookies, go to the Your Details’ page (on the Participants menu) and click on the ‘Clear’ button.


Your Information


Any participant information you enter when you register for an event is held on our system, and you can change this up to the time blueChip Timing closes off the entries. Information held in cookies (used for pre-filling registration fields) can be changed at any time by choosing Your Details’ from the Participants menu.


Credit Card Security

We take the issue of credit card security very seriously. We decided when we started the Online Registration service that we could not take risks with your information. We made sure that when you enter credit card information, it would be hosted on a secure server (you may notice a little padlock or key icon appears on your browser when you access secure pages). Details you enter on this page are encrypted from the time you type them in, to the time they arrive at our bank. Even we at blueChip Timing do not get to see your credit card number! We do not keep a record of credit card numbers. There is therefore no risk of anybody getting your card number from our databases.


There has been some publicity about credit card fraud on the internet. It is technically possible for somebody to intercept credit card details where they are entered on a page on an insecure server, and then to use those numbers fraudulently. However most ‘stolen’ numbers have been copied when people use their cards at normal stores, or have been randomly generated using special programs.